Haarlem reception room 1794, Abraham van der Hart, c. 1793 - c. 1795

Haarlem reception room 1794, Abraham van der Hart, c. 1793 - c. 1795

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This room was built and furnished for Willem Philip Kops, a merchant and art collector, as an addition to his house at 74 Nieuwe Gracht in Haarlem. With the exception of the original stucco ceiling, the room survives virtually intact. Abraham van der Hart, the city architect of Amsterdam, succeeded in creating a harmonious, classicizing entity, in which all the parts are in tune with one another. He must have been assisted by a specialized firm of upholsterers, which ordered the furnishings and coordinated the installation. The chimneypiece probably came from Italy, the carpet from the Flemish city of Tournai, the furniture from Amsterdam, the silk hangings and upholstery from Lyon in France and the glass chandelier and candelabra from England. The room was most likely used only for formal evening receptions.

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