Suite of furniture, Michel de Klerk, 1917 - 1918

Suite of furniture, Michel de Klerk, 1917 - 1918

wood (plant material), h 99.5cm × w 87.0cm × d 82.5cm × w 15kg More details

Michel de Klerk was the leading representative of the Amsterdam School, a movement in architecture and decorative art in the 1910s and ’20s. As an architect, he designed expressive Modernist buildings. And architectural shapes characterize his furniture designs, which have carved details such as turtles’ and frogs’ heads. The table looks like a massive sculpture. Sledge-shaped feet make it possible to shift the heavy furniture.

This work belongs to Ameublement van beuke- en zwart getint without, belijmd met gelakt note-, coromandel-, ebbe- en palmhout en versierd met beeldhouwwerk (BK-1984-13)

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