Rijksmuseum Studies in Photography

The Manfred & Hanna Heiting Fund, which is managed by the Rijksmuseum Fund, was established in 2003 to enable young researchers to study photography and publish their findings in the Rijksmuseum Studies in Photography series.


‘Memory Is the Only Paradise’. Photographs from a Jewish Family Archive

Claartje Wesselink

Volume 20 of the Rijksmuseum Studies in Photography is devoted to a special collection of family photographs. Based on these, Claartje Wesselink tells the tragic story of the Jewish Wachenheimer family in the turbulent twentieth century. Only Isabel Wachenheimer was to survive World War II. The family archive, which came out of the war unscathed, testifies to her trauma and gives an insight into the way she endeavoured to process that trauma.

Hardcover / € 22,95 / 56 pp. / English edition / 46 images / ISBN 978 94 92660 11 4

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After Photography? The Photogravures of Édouard Baldus Reconsidered

Kate Addleman-Frankel

The French-German photographer Edouard Baldus was, at the time, one of the most famous photographers in France and widely praised for his technical perfection and artistic vision. For volume 19 Kate Addleman-Frankel explored a hitherto underexposed side of the celebrated photographer: the vast body of ‘heliogravures’ he produced, a large collection of which is held by the Rijksmuseum.

Hardcover / € 22,95 / 56 pp. / English edition / 40 images / ISBN 978 94 92660 06 0

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Le Nouveau Paris. Charles Marville Photographs the City Transformation

Joke de Wolf

The name of Charles Marville is inextricably bound up with Le Vieux Paris, the medieval city with its twisting streets and alleyways that was demolished to make way for Georges-Eugène Haussmann’s straight, wide boulevards. He extensively documented this drastic transformation in a number of photography assignments, that depicts not just the old city but the New Paris, Paris Nouveau, as well. For volume 18 of the Rijksmuseum Studies in Photography Joke de Wolf studied three of these assignments, based on photographs from the Rijksmuseum Collection.

Hardcover / € 22,95 / 56 pp. / English edition / 40 images / ISBN 978 94 92660 05 3

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Man Ray’s Portrait of Peggy Guggenheim

Frederique van Reij

In 1924 Man Ray took one of his most famous photographs: a portrait of the young, rich American heiress and later art collector Peggy Guggenheim. The Rijksmuseum holds one of the few original prints. This volume brings together for the first time all the known prints and variants of this portrait and discusses how the portrait came to be taken. Frederique van Reij also looks at the photograph in relation to the costume prints and fashion photographs of the period against the background of the history of fashion photography

Hardcover / € 22,95 / 56 pp. / English edition / over 50 images / ISBN 978 94 91714 64 1

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Document Nederland

Rixt A. Bosma
17 Since 1975 the Rijksmuseum photography commission Document Nederland has generated some 3,000 photographs, recording over forty years of Dutch history. This volume focuses on the generative history and the evolution of the Rijksmuseum photography commission. Further, Rixt Bosma positions it in relation to photography commissions in other countries and developments within the medium.

Hardcover / € 22,95 / 56 pp. / English edition / over 50 images / ISBN 978 94 91714 65 8

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The publication Studies in Photography is made possible by the Manfred & Hanna Heiting Fonds/Rijksmuseum Fund.