anonymous, c. 1100 - c. 1200

On display in Asian pavilion, room 2


Rembrandt van Rijn, c. 1628

Girl in a White Kimono

George Hendrik Breitner, 1894

On display in room 1.18

Italian Landscape with a…

Jan Both, c. 1650 - c. 1652

On display in room 2.17

Floral Still Life

Hans Bollongier, 1639

On display in room 2.6

Fishing for Souls

Adriaen Pietersz. van de Venne, 1614

On display in room 2.5

Portrait of William I, Prince of…

Adriaen Thomasz. Key, c. 1579

On display in room 2.1

Portrait of a Member of the Van der…

Cornelis Troost, 1736

On display in room 1.1

The bodhisattva Manjushri

anonymous, c. 800 - c. 900

On display in Asian pavilion, room 1

Portrait of Don Ramón Satué

Francisco de Goya, 1823

On display in room 1.13

A Militiaman Holding a Berkemeyer,…

Frans Hals, c. 1628 - c. 1630

On display in Gallery of Honour