Model of a Stayed Mast

anonymous, 1860 - 1865, rigging model, NG-MC-1170

Model of a Pivot for Carronades

anonymous, c. 1830 - c. 1860, demonstration model, NG-MC-1036-B

Model of a 60-Pounder Carronade on…

anonymous, 1810, demonstration model, NG-MC-767

Model of a Hengst

anonymous, 1819, ship model, NG-MC-676

Halfverbrijzelde patroontas van…

anonymous, in or before 1815, bag, NG-NM-10255-F


anonymous, 1814 - 1866, NG-NM-9310-371

Half Model of a Launch

anonymous, c. 1860 - c. 1880, ship model, NG-MC-1889-16

Half Model of a 90-Gun Ship of the…

anonymous, c. 1804, ship model, NG-MC-280-1