Square Man

Karel Appel, 1951, painting, SK-A-5002

The square man squeezes with difficulty into this square canvas. He seems to squint slightly with his red and green eyes and his blue mouth gapes open. The head is too big, the body is too small, and the arms and legs are too short, yet with his fiercely coloured body and his ponderous genitals, he…

On display in room 3.3

Dutch forces occupying the…

Mohammad Toha Adimidjojo, 1948 - 1949, painting, NG-1998-7-14

Cloche van beige of zachtgele vilt…

Katja Robinski, c. 1958 - c. 1965, BK-1998-38

Kantontwerp van een ovaal kleed met…

J.H. Pleging-Faber, c. 1920 - c. 1935, BK-1979-33-A-4

Oostzijdse Mill along the River…

Piet Mondriaan, c. 1903, painting, SK-A-4987

On display in room 1.18

Woman’s Coat with Plum and Bamboo

anonymous, 1920 - 1940, AK-RAK-2009-3-39

Kantontwerp van een kleed in zespas…

J.H. Pleging-Faber, c. 1920 - c. 1935, BK-1979-33-A-2

Moon flask

anonymous, c. 1920, AK-RAK-1980-1

Pilgrimage to Mount Fuji

Yoshida Hiroshi, 1925 - 1930, AK-RAK-2004-4-A

Kantontwerp van een kleed in…

J.H. Pleging-Faber, c. 1920 - c. 1935, BK-1979-33-A-3