Shipwreck off a Rocky Coast

Wijnand Nuijen, c. 1837, painting, SK-A-4644

On display in room 1.14

Portrait of Oliver Cromwell, in a…

anonymous, c. 1650, painting, SK-A-3882

Still Life with Flowers and Fruits

Albertus Jonas Brandt, 1816 - 1817, painting, SK-A-1012


Jurriaan Andriessen, c. 1800 - c. 1819, painting, SK-A-2059

Zwengel met knop, onderdeel van het…

Hartog van Laun, c. 1800 - c. 1808, NG-NM-11700-4

On display in room 1.10

The Judgment of Paris

Antonio da Vendri (attributed to), 1500 - 1524, painting, SK-A-1296

A Shepherd and Washerwomen at a…

Pieter Bodding van Laer, c. 1630 - c. 1637, painting, SK-A-1945

Still life

Elisabeth Iosetta Hoopstad, 1842, painting, SK-C-115

Cows in a Stable

Jan van Ravenswaay, 1820, painting, SK-A-1121

Secretaire Montigny

Philippe Claude Montigny, 1775 - 1800, furniture, BK-NM-13222