Model of Part of a Made Topmast

anonymous, 1821, demonstration model, NG-MC-158

Gunlock (Percussion)

anonymous, 1830 - 1834, percussion lock, NG-MC-713

Sounding Lead

John Ericsson, c. 1836 - c. 1860, sounding lead, NG-MC-1018

Model of the Head of the Masting…

Rijkswerf Rotterdam, c. 1818, demonstration model, NG-MC-38

Model of a Stopper and Bitts

Rijkswerf Amsterdam, 1854, demonstration model, NG-MC-626

Model of a 20-cm Shell Gun on Slide…

anonymous, c. 1854, demonstration model, NG-MC-789

Gunlock (Percussion) on a Dummy…

Rijkswerf Amsterdam, 1836, percussion lock, NG-MC-710

Two Samples of Telegraph Cable for…

Matthew Fontaine Maury (possibly), c. 1866, sample, NG-MC-1191

Model of Diagonal Framing

anonymous, anonymous, c. 1822, instruction model, NG-MC-114-A

Box with Compass Card

W. & T. Gilbert, c. 1810 - c. 1858, box, NG-MC-873-1