Model of the Noordwachter…

Grofsmederij Leiden, c. 1867, scale model, NG-MC-1269

Correction Circle

Peter Barlow, 1820 - 1825, measuring instrument, NG-MC-879

Half Model of a Paddle Steamer

Rijkswerf Rotterdam, c. 1846 - c. 1848, ship model, NG-MC-482

Half Model of a Screw Steamer

Rijkswerf Vlissingen, 1859, ship model, NG-MC-496

Half Model of a Paddle Steamer

Rijkswerf Amsterdam, 1863, ship model, NG-MC-1136

Model of a Lighthouse

J.L. Nering Bögel & Co., 1875, scale model, NG-MC-1387

Model of the Ameland Lighthouse

Gieterij Nering Bögel, 1880, scale model, NG-MC-1421

On display in room 0.13

Sounding Lead

Adolphe Pécoul, 1855, sounding lead, NG-MC-1345-A

Life Buoy

anonymous, 1819, life buoy, NG-MC-1081-A