Portrait of Petrus Albertus van der…

anonymous, c. 1762, painting, SK-A-3782

Portrait of Jeremias van Riemsdijk,…

Franciscus Josephus Fricot (attributed to), 1775 - 1777, painting, SK-A-3783

Adriaan Valckenier (1737-1741)

Theodorus Justinus Rheen, 1737, painting, SK-A-3778

On display in room 1.5


anonymous, c. 1650, musical instrument, BK-NM-9487

On display in room 2.20

Portrait of Willem Arnold Alting,…

Johann Friedrich August Tischbein, 1788, painting, SK-A-3785

Baron Gustaaf Willem van Imhoff…

anonymous, c. 1745, painting, SK-A-3780

On display in room 1.5

Isaac Pontanus Giving a Gold Medal…

Michiel van Musscher, 1689, painting, NG-2008-40

On display in room 2.16