Model of the Screw Aperture of a…

anonymous, 1864, demonstration model, NG-MC-1168

Model of the Dry Dock at Flushing

's Lands Werf Vlissingen (possibly), after John Perry, c. 1783, demonstration model, NG-MC-2

Model of a Jury Rudder

anonymous, 1853, demonstration model, NG-MC-231

Bourbon fuse

anonymous, 1845, percussion tubes, NG-MC-1889-35

On display in room 0.13

Breech-Loading Rifle

anonymous, 1866 - 1870, rifle, NG-MC-1226

Bank met twee geprofileerde wangen

anonymous, c. 1690 - c. 1710, BK-NM-1010-16

On display in room 2.20

Flintlock Wall Piece

anonymous, c. 1825 - c. 1840, musketoon, NG-MC-728-A

Meetlat of duimstok

anonymous, 1850 - 1900, measuring rod, NG-2012-16