Secretaire belijmd met roze- en…

Pierre Roussel, 1770, furniture, BK-1960-54

Teapot with gilded fittings

anonymous, c. 1675 - c. 1699, AK-RBK-1963-50

18-cm Shell in Wooden Box

W.G. Armstrong & Co, 1868, grenade (ammunition), NG-MC-1282

Teapot and heating stand

Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur, c. 1750 - c. 1774, BK-1967-145

On display in room 0.10

Model of an 8-Pounder Gun and Two…

anonymous, 1800, demonstration model, NG-MC-778

Model of a 12-Pounder Gun on a…

anonymous, 1800, demonstration model, NG-MC-776

On display in room 0.13