Dish Relief

Jan Schoonhoven, 1963, SK-A-5007

Although by the 1960s, artist Jan J. Schoonhoven was celebrated worldwide, he continued to work full-time for the Dutch Post Office (PTT). At first he used to make his characteristic white reliefs of squares and rectangles at night, on the kitchen table. Occasionally he tried other shapes. He showed…

On display in room 3.4

Hoge hoed van S.J.P. Kruger

Box en Co Ltd Cooper, c. 1850 - c. 1904, hat, NG-709-1


Wouter Johannes van Troostwijk, c. 1809, painting, SK-A-4857

On display in room 1.14

Dolls’ house of Petronella Dunois

anonymous, c. 1676, furniture, BK-14656

On display in room 2.20

Album van Spoorwegen in…

Carl Emanuel Friedrich Lang, 1865 - 1868, NG-1991-20

Kapiteel met bladmotief, kathedraal…

Adolphe Giraudon, 1860 - 1880, photograph, RP-F-00-283

China fair and wealthy

Geldolph Adriaan Kessler, 1908, photograph, RP-F-2007-6-141

Chateau of Chenonceau

anonymous, c. 1865 - c. 1875, photograph, RP-F-2007-68-2

Portret van Nicolaas Pieneman

Louis Wegner, c. 1855 - c. 1860, photograph, RP-F-00-1174

Toegang tot de tombe van Khnumhotep…

Antonio Beato, c. 1888 - c. 1898, photograph, RP-F-1997-27-57