A Dutch Merchant, Possibly Andreas…

Chitqua (attributed to), c. 1770, figure, BK-1976-49

Van Braam Houckgeest ran the Dutch East India Company (VOC) base in Canton harbour in south China from 1790 to 1795. He may have commissioned this figure of himself on a previous journey in China. Chinese sculptor Chitqua specialised in this kind of clay portrait, mainly for foreigners. Similar…

On display in room 1.5

Shipwreck off a Rocky Coast

Adam Willaerts, 1614, painting, SK-A-1955

Dolls-house Ceiling-Painting of a…

Nicolaes Piemont (attributed to), c. 1690 - c. 1709, BK-NM-1010-240-E

On display in room 2.20

Vase with Pink Flowers

George Hendrik Breitner, c. 1880 - c. 1923, painting, SK-A-3562

John the Baptist

Francesco Botticini (attributed to), 1470 - 1497, painting, SK-A-3382

Ginger Pot wit Anemones

George Hendrik Breitner, c. 1900 - c. 1923, painting, SK-A-3540

Plaque depicting a mandarin’s visit

anonymous, c. 1770 - c. 1775, AK-NM-6620-A

On display in room 1.5

Album met 74 tekeningen, verslag…

Adrianus Johannes Bik, 1815 - 1835, drawing, RP-T-00-467

Flemish Village

Pieter Gijsels, 1650 - 1691, painting, SK-A-126