Hod and Trowel

anonymous, 1848, hod, NG-MC-1249

Model of a Carriage for a…

anonymous, 1856, demonstration model, NG-MC-756

Model of a Lock Gate

anonymous, 1808, demonstration model, NG-MC-990

Model of the Screw Aperture of a…

anonymous, 1864, demonstration model, NG-MC-1168

Model of an Installation for…

anonymous, c. 1849, demonstration model, NG-MC-61

Model of an Oscillating Steam…

anonymous, 1845, instruction model, NG-MC-553

Half Model of a Pilot Cutter

anonymous, 1851 - 1852, ship model, NG-MC-471

Half Model of a 28-Gun Sloop of War

anonymous, c. 1828, ship model, NG-MC-344


anonymous, before 1880, flintlock pistol, NG-NM-9310-310-2

Model of Steering Gear

anonymous, 1820 - 1858, demonstration model, NG-MC-644