Model of a Figurehead

Rijkswerf Vlissingen, 1847, scale model, NG-MC-242

Model of a Ventilating Shaft and…

Rijkswerf Vlissingen, 1849, demonstration model, NG-MC-121

Model of the Paddle Gear of the…

Rijkswerf Vlissingen, 1837, demonstration model, NG-MC-10

Model of a Gunlock (Percussion)

Rijkswerf Vlissingen, 1835, demonstration model, NG-MC-711-1

Half Model of a 6-Gun Schooner-Brig

Rijkswerf Vlissingen, c. 1845 - c. 1846, ship model, NG-MC-407

Model of a Lifeboat Release

Rijkswerf Vlissingen (possibly), 1857 - c. 1858, demonstration model, NG-MC-636

Half Model of a Paddle Steamer

Rijkswerf Vlissingen, c. 1837 - c. 1841, ship model, NG-MC-477

On display in room 0.13

Model of an Anchor

Rijkswerf Vlissingen, 1823, demonstration model, NG-MC-608-A

Half Model of a Floating Battery

Rijkswerf Vlissingen, 1867, ship model, NG-MC-1199

Model of a Section of an Armoured…

Rijkswerf Vlissingen, 1862, demonstration model, NG-MC-1140