anonymous, 1650 - 1700, table, BK-NM-14201

Baron Gustaaf Willem van Imhoff…

anonymous, c. 1745, painting, SK-A-3780

On display in room 1.5

Portrait of Johannes Siberg,…

anonymous, c. 1800, painting, SK-A-3788

Inhoudsmaat van 1 decaliter

anonymous, c. 1825, NG-2001-16-A-63


anonymous, Mathias de Sallieth, 1787 - 1788, ribbon (material), NG-695-32

Half Model of a 16-Gun Brig

anonymous, 1780 - 1825, ship model, NG-MC-351

Model of a Caisson

anonymous, 1859, scale model, NG-MC-958

Gezicht op Kasteel Vorden in…

anonymous, 1899, carte-de-visite, RP-F-1999-91