Baron Gustaaf Willem van Imhoff…

anonymous, c. 1745, painting, SK-A-3780

On display in room 1.5

Portrait of Johannes Siberg,…

anonymous, c. 1800, painting, SK-A-3788

Two Ladies Examining a Little…

Alexander Hugo Bakker Korff, 1866, painting, SK-A-4694

The Rag Basket

Alexander Hugo Bakker Korff, c. 1850 - c. 1882, painting, SK-A-3071

The Artist at his Studio

Anthony Oberman, 1820, painting, SK-A-4890

Blossoming Tree in an Orchard

Geo Poggenbeek, c. 1873 - c. 1903, painting, SK-A-3001

Neighborhood Street in Rijswijk…

George Hendrik Breitner, c. 1880 - c. 1923, painting, SK-A-3527

Johannes Thedens (1741-1743)

anonymous, c. 1742, painting, SK-A-3779

On display in room 1.5

Ceiling with representations of…

Theodoor van der Schuer, c. 1666 - c. 1695, painting, BK-NM-4485