Worship of the Golden Calf

Lucas van Leyden, c. 1530, painting, SK-A-3841

On display in room 0.6


Pseudo Jan Wellens de Cock (attributed to), c. 1525, painting, SK-A-1598

On display in room 0.1

Portrait of a young man, possibly…

Nicolaes Maes, 1675 - 1685, painting, SK-A-4881

Nicolaes van der Borght, Merchant…

Anthony van Dyck, 1625 - 1635, painting, SK-A-101

Shipwreck off a Rocky Coast

Adam Willaerts, 1614, painting, SK-A-1955

The Raree-show (’t Fraay Curieus)

Willem van Mieris, 1718, painting, SK-A-4941

On display in room 1.6

Portrait of Joan van Paffenrode,…

Arnoud van Halen, 1700 - 1732, painting, SK-A-4587

Portrait of Theodorus Schrevelius,…

Arnoud van Halen, 1700 - 1732, painting, SK-A-4560

Portrait of Frans van Hoogstraten,…

Arnoud van Halen, 1700 - 1732, painting, SK-A-4608

Portrait of Mary, Princess of…

anonymous, c. 1695, painting, SK-A-4480