Portrait of Mary, Princess of…

anonymous, c. 1695, painting, SK-A-4480

Portrait of a Surveyor (Andries van…

anonymous, 1650 - 1674, painting, SK-C-1656

Tooth Extractor (Tooth Puller)

anonymous, c. 1580, painting, SK-A-4466

Impotent Fisherman

anonymous, c. 1580, painting, SK-A-4467

Black Madonna

anonymous, 1650 - 1699, painting, SK-A-4489

Portrait of a young Woman

anonymous, c. 1590, painting, SK-A-4468

Portrait of a man

anonymous, c. 1615 - c. 1620, painting, SK-A-577

Madonna and Child with the Infant…

anonymous, c. 1520, painting, SK-A-3378

Portrait of Elisabeth van Oosten…

anonymous, c. 1700, painting, SK-A-812