Model of a Lighthouse

anonymous, 1840, show model, NG-MC-829

Ship’s model of the Prins Willem

anonymous, 1651, ship model, NG-NM-11911

On display in room 2.9

Model of a Frigate

anonymous, 1798, ship model, NG-KOG-2714

Model of a Boyer from North Holland

anonymous, c. 1757, ship model, NG-NM-9444

Model of a 46-Gun Frigate

anonymous, 1775 - 1800, ship model, NG-NM-11527

Model van een hekjacht

anonymous, c. 1650 - c. 1700, ship model, NG-NM-12048

Model of a Poon

anonymous, c. 1700 - c. 1800, ship model, NG-NM-12123

Model of a Cutter Yacht

anonymous, c. 1800 - c. 1825, ship model, NG-NM-11529

Model of a Yacht

anonymous, c. 1400 - c. 1950, ship model, NG-NM-11526

Model of a Schokker

anonymous, 1800 - 1865, ship model, NG-MC-1183